Terms & Conditions

1. I certify that the details overleaf are correct and understand that this is a binding agreement.

2. I assign Alexander Newton Photography the exclusive photographic rights of my wedding. Alexander Newton Photography reserve the right to use any photographs for exhibition, competition, publication, display or otherwise.

3. Slide shows, preview photographs, proofs and original files are property of Alexander Newton Photography

4. Each wedding photographed will be considered one order, no matter how many parties are to receive photographs. One party will be considered responsible for the entire order, and no partial orders will be given out until the total balance is paid. No finished work will be delivered unless paid for in full.

5. Alexander Newton Photography takes the utmost care with respect to the exposure, development and delivery of the photographs. However, should unforeseen circumstances cause the loss of the photographic record, it is understood that the maximum liability of the business shall not exceed money paid.

6. In the unlikely event that Alexander Newton is unable to attend on the date of the ceremony, the utmost will be done to appoint an alternative photographer of similar skill and experience, and whilst we do our best to comply with your wishes, we can not guarantee that any particular person will be assigned to your wedding or any particular photograph will be supplied.

7. The photographer shall be granted artistic licence in relation to the poses photographed, the lighting selected, and the location used.

8. The copyright of the photographs belong to Alexander Newton Photography, and it is an offence contrary to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to copy, or commission anyone else to copy by any means whatsoever including photocopying, scanning, photography still or video any photographs produced by Alexander Newton Photography.

9. If the client wishes to cancel this agreement, or Alexander Newton Photography cancels the agreement due to the clients failure to pay by the agreed dates, the following charges will be made: More than 9 months prior to the wedding – booking fee only 9-8 months 33% of the total cost shown overleaf. 8-7 months 40% of the total cost shown overleaf. 7-6 months 50% of the total cost shown overleaf. 6-5 months 60% of the total cost shown overleaf. Less than 5 months 65% of the total shown overleaf. All cancellations must be in writing by the client who signed overleaf. The effective date of cancellation is the date that the written cancellation reaches the office of Alexander Newton Photography.

10. All orders must be made within six months from the date of the wedding. Any subsequent orders will be made at the discretion of Alexander Newton Photography.

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